Obama’s Muslim ‘Refugees’ Take Over Farmer’s Land – He Pays Them Back With THIS


When a group of Muslim migrants a tent city in farmer Lazarous Oulis’s field, he knew he had to do something.

According to Mad World News, the Greek farmer originally allowed the refugees to set up camp on a small portion of his land, but it quickly grew into an enormous tent city as the number of Muslim migrants grew to 500,000 in the city of Idomeni.

Various refugee organizations promised to help Oulis clear his land, but when they went back on this, he lost it. He grabbed his tractor, and gave them a brutal dose of reality.

The refugees were livid with Oulis, but he had no sympathy for them.

“I need to plow my field,” Oulis stated. “Not somebody else’s field, mine! I have a business with 70-80 calves, I want to produce, feed them, because, financially, I can’t take this anymore.”

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