The Obamas Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE Just Days After Leaving White House


Now that they are no longer the First Family, a new moniker for Michelle and Barack Obama is needed. Considering how they spent so many days of the past eight years travelling the world and vacationing at the most exclusive (and expensive) locations, and judging how their post-presidency life has begun, perhaps Obama should now be called the “Vacationer-in-Chief.” Or perhaps, the “King of Leisure.”

And Michelle Obama isn’t much better. She lived in luxury on the taxpayer’s dime for all eight years, often taking leisure trips around the globe with her daughters on the backs of hardworking Americans.

After attending Donald Trump’s January 20 inauguration, Barack and Michelle Obama hopped a flight to California for a little rest and relaxation at the residence of Spanish ambassador James Costos and his partner, interior designer Michael Smith.

And unfortunately, we the taxpayers are still footing the entire bill for their massive security team as well as their air transportation.

The first full day of the Obamas’ California holiday saw Barack golf at the super-exclusive Porcupine Creek golf course owned by Oracle founder Larry Ellison. Obama was accompanied by several secret service agents.


This was by no means Barack Obama’s first time at Porcupine Creek. He also golfed there in February of 2016 and in 2014, both trips on the taxpayer’s dime.

Apparently needing a little British Virgin Islands ‘R and R’ to unwind from their just ended California ‘R and R,’ the Obamas arrived at the Terrence B Lettsome International Airport on the BVI’s Beef Island late Monday.

The darlings of celebrities and the elite like no other first couple before them, the Obamas flew on billionaire Richard Branson’s Falcon 900EX jet. The couple will be guests at Branson’s private estate on the BVI’s Necker Island.


Branson, a big Obama fan, went on Instagram Saturday to post a picture of him with the former president, with the caption, “Thank you Obama.” Yet another big shot made weak in the knees by Obama’s attention.

Where will the Obamas fly off to next? What billionaire or celebrity will open their doors next for an all-expense paid holiday?

“King of Leisure” indeed. It’s good to be the King.