Obama Tears Down American Flag At Press Conference – What Happens Next Is Horrifying


We knew Obama had no respect for this country, but we had no idea things were this bad…

Since Obama entered the White House seven long years ago, he has redecorated the home to completely strip it of any sign of patriotism. According to American News, he has taken any sign of red, white, and blue out of the Oval Office and replaced them with Middle Eastern style wallpaper, drapes and décor.


These changes can be seen whenever Obama walks down the hall to talk to reporters, or when he gives a speech from the White House. In these instances, the American flag has been replaced with a yellow drape that is very reminiscent of the Middle East.

Clearly, Obama is doing everything he can to separate both himself and the White House from American culture. SHARE this story if you want to let him know this will NOT be tolerated!