Obama Staffers Get a RUDE Wakeup Call as Trump Inauguration Looms

Obama staffers have a real reason to cry now. There seem to be many more of them than there are jobs. Lucky for them, Obama is out (he certainly didn't make jobs for them) and Trump is in.

With the Barack Obama presidency coming to an end, and the much expected presidency of Hillary Clinton never coming to fruition, Democratic staff, employees, and operatives are finding the their job prospects in Washington, D.C. to be slim.

Mira Patel, who worked for Hillary during her failed 2016 presidential campaign as well as during her time in the Senate and State Department, told the media outlet Politico: “It feels like there are just thousands of us trying to find a job, and there are no jobs.”

Hilarious! These government bureaucrats believe that they’re actually entitled to cushy salaries from our hard-earned tax dollars.

Maybe it’s time for them to leave Washington, D.C. and find real jobs like the rest of us.

Obama staffers out on the street. It was fun when this picture was taken, but now that Obama is out of office, that term doesn’t seem so cute to them anymore.

Those who had worked in various capacities for the Democratic party, and who had banked on a Hillary Clinton White House, are finding Donald Trump’s victory and a Trump administration a very difficult reality to comprehend.

As reported in Politico, Clinton aides are having an especially difficult time.

Russ Finkelstein, longtime leftwinger and founding member of the progressive job board Idealist.org, has counseled former Clinton aides and reported the following: “There’s anger, frustration, there’s anxiety, there’s burnout.”

One only needs to recall the looks on the faces of Hillary’s supporters at the Jacob Javits convention center election night to imagine the range of emotions being felt by those Finkelstein has counseled and consoled.

Another Hillary supporter, Anastasia Kessler-Dellaccio, reported that many who had worked on the Clinton campaign, and who had assumed victory was certain, have struggled emotionally:

“People are in shock,” adding that “I think people, myself included, are trying to figure out, ‘How do I recalibrate my dreams?’”

Yes, it’s all about them, these precious, privileged snowflakes. Victory was assured! The media said so.

Well, many in the rest of America, all those who have been ridiculed and disparaged for not sharing the values of Obama and Clinton, or liberals in general, would have found the need to face an unpleasant reality of their own if Mrs. Clinton had won.

Expanding on her comments regarding the desperation many Obama and Clinton staffers and appointees feel, with weak prospects at the thousands of D.C. jobs they thought would be available to them, Ms. Patel stated: “A lot of us are looking for any fit.”

Welcome to the real world, kids.