Congress Just Dropped THE HAMMER – Obama Speechless


Former President Obama operated with virtually no accountability, and the liberal media praised everything he did while ignoring his many mistakes. Liberals looked the other way, or were kept in the dark about his un-Constitutional administration.

After the Bush era, millions of Americans were inspired by Barack Obama’s empty promises of prosperity and liberation of the chains of the past. Instead, we got a president who prioritized social justice causes, devastated our military and abused his executive authority to circumvent Congress which weakened our borders, allowed criminal aliens to enter and resulted in a rise of radical Islamic terrorism.

Obama allowed the NSA to spy on every American, violating our Fourth Amendment rights and put more Americans on welfare and food stamps.

Throughout his administration Obama interfered with the affairs of foreign nations, of which many were our allies. He spied on German Chancellor Merkel and even had the CIA try to interfere with French elections.

Senators are calling on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to investigate the Obama administration’s efforts to influence foreign elections by sending taxpayer dollars to “extreme and sometimes violent political activists” that would promote liberal causes. Multiple foreign diplomats had conversations with lawmakers who outlined the State Department’s meddling including liberal causes in Macedonia, Albania, Latin America and Africa.


According to the letter written by Senators Mike Lee(UT), Jim Inhofe(OK), Thom Tillis(NC), Ted Cruz(TX), David Perdue(GA) and Bill Cassidy(LA), some of the funding for these causes comes from the liberal billionaire, George Soros, and specifically from his Open Society Foundation.

Now Obama and Soros will be held accountable for their many misdeeds.