Obama Snubs Nancy Reagan’s Funeral – What He’s Doing Instead Will Make You SICK


It’s only  been a few weeks since President Obama shamelessly snubbed the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia simply because he was conservative. Now, he is doing the same thing to former first lady Nancy Reagan.

According to Daily Mail, the White House revealed on Tuesday that Obama will not be attending Reagan’s funeral on Friday, and will instead be speaking at a hipster film festival in Texas. He will reportedly be sending his wife Michelle to the funeral in his place, since he can’t be bothered to cancel his own plans to honor a legendary first lady.


On Friday, Obama is set to deliver the keynote address at the South By Southwest festival. The festival will take place in the city of Austin, and it includes movie screenings, musical performances and conferences on interactive media and technology. Though the festival is considered a must-see for the hipsters of Silicon Valley, the funeral of a former first lady should definitely take precedence over this.

If Rosalyn Carter were to die, we’d bet our lives that Obama would drop everything to attend our funeral. However, since Nancy Reagan was a proud conservative, Obama has decided she is not worthy of having the honor of a sitting president attend her funeral.

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