Terrorists Will LOVE Obama’s New Budget Proposal – Incredible


President Obama has proposed slashing funding for counterterrorism programs across the country by $300 million this week. The Urban Area Security Initiative funds programs in cities across the United States to prevent terrorist attacks, and to respond and recover from them. This week, the White House is proposed cutting the funding from $600 million to $330 million.

The spending cuts come on the heals of new terrorist attacks across the country and the world. All this while Obama’s disastrous foreign policies (under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) has created an immigration crisis never before seen.

Even the extremely liberal Senator Charles Schumer from New York has criticized Obama’s counterterrorism cuts. He told the Associated Press, “These cuts are ill-advised and ill-timed and they must be reversed. End of story. In light of recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and the vow by our extremist enemies to launch more attacks on our shores, it makes no sense to propose cuts to vital terror-prevention programs like UASI.”

What makes these funding reductions so remarkable is that the Obama Administration is simultaneously making it much easier for unvetted illegal immigrants to stay in the United States indefinitely. In January, the president issued executive orders making it easy for employers to hire and retain foreign workers who have not received their green cards or “lawful protected resident” status. Further, anyone in the U.S. illegally who has filed an application for a suspension of deportation would be allowed to stay in the U.S. under these new rules.

Obama is cutting funds for counterterrorism because he would rather spend the money to bring in more immigrants seeking asylum. And he knows that when the next terrorist attack comes, it will be easy to get Congress to approve billions of dollars for counterterrorism programs (without having to budget for them ahead of time).

As he promised, Barrack Obama is fundamentally changing our country. Let’s hope our next president can undo some of the damage.