Obama SHAMELESSLY Manipulating The November Election By Doing This


The Obama Administration has proven that they are shameless, and will do anything to win an election. Today, we learned about a new strategy that Obama has prioritized in order to assure big Democrat wins in November.

The Obama Administration has directed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the department that grants U.S. citizenship to immigrants, to work overtime, including weekends, to get as many new immigrants their citizenship before the November election.

Fox News, who broke the story, revealed a memo from the USCIS to employees, stating “The field office due to the election needs to process as many of their N-400 cases as possible between now and FY 2016.” The Obama Administration has approved millions of dollars for new employees and overtime for current employees to keep chugging out the new citizens before the 2016 election.

Former ICE Special Agent Claude Arnold told Fox News that he was not surprised by the Administrations actions, stating “New citizens vote Democrat, and that is the motivation for doing this. It is politically motivated.”

Iowas Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter to USCIS asking for an explanation. They responded to his inquiry with the statement, “USCIS anticipated that there would be a spike in applications this year, as we usually see in an election year, but the increase in N-400 applications has exceeded expectations.”

No kidding. When the President of the United States announces that illegal immigrants are welcomed to stay here despite breaking immigration law, you can expect a tsunami of new arrivals and citizen requests.

This comes just days after we have learned that USCIS has wrongfully granted citizenship to hundreds of immigrants who were supposed to be deported due to committing crimes within the United States.

Senator Grassley pointed out that the last time USCIS granted this many new citizenships was in 1996, under Bill Clinton. At that time, a Congressional investigation found that nearly 200,000 citizenship applications were approved without any fingerprint checks, only to later to discover that nearly half of those had criminal records.

Do you think Congress should cut funding for USCIS for becoming a politicized arm of the Obama Administration? Share your thoughts in the comment section.