Obama Reveals Month-Long Vacation – What He’s Doing Is Despicable


Barack Hussein Obama’s worst nightmare came true this week when Donald Trump’s lead over Hillary Clinton got bigger than ever before. Desperate to make sure that Trump does not make it to the White House and destroy all his harmful policies, Obama has just announced a disturbing plan to take him down.

The New York Times reported that Obama has had his staff clear the vast majority of his schedule in October so he can hit the campaign trail with Clinton. In fact, his aides have revealed that they expect Obama to be on the campaign trail every day of the month.

The Times added that Obama is convinced that if Trump wins, he will quickly overturn his immigration actions, try to unravel the Affordable Care Act, and order the Environmental Protection Agency to lift regulations on coal plants established under Obama. The president also fears Trump will reimpose abortion restrictions at home and abroad, shift the focus of American foreign policies and start building a wall along the Mexican border.

“I’m sure he thinks about that first 100 days the way the rest of us do,” Dan Pfeiffer, the president’s former senior adviser, said of Mr. Obama. “You wake up every day, and another thing that you and your team worked so hard to do is undone. That would be more painful than the president or any of us can imagine.”

There are countless threats currently facing our nation, yet Obama still thinks it’s acceptable for him to take a full month off to help Clinton. SHARE if this makes you SICK!