Obama Makes INFURIATING Announcement About Trump Wiretaps


If you thought 2017 would bring about the end of being irritated by Barack Obama, you’re about to be severely disappointed, because it appears his annoying liberalism is going to continue being a thorn in the side for a little while longer.

One of those obnoxious traits we’ve all become accustomed to is Obama’s ability to use deflection to avoid tough questions and derail the media — who, let’s be honest, wanted to be derailed so as not to implicate their hero in any wrong doing — to keep from being held accountable for his actions.

Recently, Obama was asked if he was at all concerned about Trump’s accusations that he had Trump Tower wiretapped, and true to form, the former president “rolled his eyes” and then deflected saying he was more concerned about The Donald kicking people off of insurance.

It doesn’t seem there’s ever going to be a time in the president’s life when he’s actually going to take responsibility for his own actions and admit that maybe, just maybe, some — or all — of what he did while in office was the wrong move.

The sign of maturity for any man is his ability to take responsibility for his own mistakes, which clearly indicates in this situation that for eight years we had a petulant child as president, which might account for why we’re in such bad shape today.