Liberal Woman Calls Police Officer A ‘Pig’ – INSTANTLY Regrets It…


During Barack Obama’s sham of a presidency, he showed police officers absolutely no respect. As a result, his legion of idiot liberal followers disrespected cops as well despite the fact that they put their lives on the line for us every single day.

Now that Donald Trump is in office, however, liberals are learning the hard way that it is no longer acceptable to insult our nation’s finest.

Mad World News reported that a female worker at Insomnia Cookies in Fargo, North Dakota recently noticed that a police officer had pulled outside. She immediately turned to her coworkers and said, “Oooh the little pigs just pulled up.”

She quickly learned that calling this cop a pig was a BIG mistake.

What the worker did not know was that the cop was meeting his girlfriend Elizabeth Nelson at the bakery to get a treat, and she was already inside when the comment was made. Enraged that this female thug would insult her boyfriend, Elizabeth immediately confronted her.

“Um excuse me? That’s who I’m waiting for,” she said to the worker. “The officer you just called a pig, that’s my boyfriend, he’s supposed to meet me here.”

The employee was visibly embarrassed and tried to apologize, but Elizabeth wasn’t having any of it.

“No, sorry, not ok. We won’t be having any cookies, and I won’t be letting this go,” she said, before leaving the building to meet her boyfriend outside.

Elizabeth later said that her boyfriend wasn’t bothered by the incident, as he has become used to being called a pig while he’s on the job. However, she had no intention of letting it slide, so she posted about what happened on the Insomnia Cookies’ Facebook page:

Chief Marketing Officer Megan Bruton replied to Elizabeth with an apology, saying, “We as a company do not condone this type of speech or behavior from our team members, nor does it reflect Insomnia Cookies’ thoughts or sentiments. We have great respect for our men and women of law enforcement and the job they do to protect us.”

We find it sickening that police officers are forced to put up with these kind of insults every day. SHARE this story if you think this worker should be fired, and if you LOVE American police officers!