Obama Announces Chilling New Ban After Orlando – He’s Gone Too Far…


Ever since the devastating terrorist attacks in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people dead, Barack Hussein Obama has been shamelessly using the tragedy to try to destroy the Second Amendment. Now, however, it has been revealed that he is going after the First Amendment as well.

According to the Washington Examiner, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has proposed banning “religiously charged” words like “jihad” from their department in order to prevent people from being attracted to terrorist groups like ISIS. A June 2016 report produced by the Countering Violent Extremism Subcommittee claimed that the best way to destroy an “us vs. them” mentality is to “reject religiously charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain-meaning American English.”

The Obama administration has asked department members to use words like “American Muslim” instead of “Muslim American” and “Muslim communities” rather than “Muslim world” in the hopes of encouraging feelings of inclusivity. The DHS has also recommended that words like “jihad,” which translates to holy war, and “sharia law,” which refers to Islamic law, be banned in favor of terms that are less religiously charged.

The report states that these recommendations are all part of the DHS’s $100 million “attempt to protect our nation’s young people from extremists who prey upon the millennial generation.”

“The department must reframe the conversation to reflect this reality and design a robust program around the protection of our youth, which must include predator awareness and an understanding of radicalization. In doing so, our citizens will be better equipped for this threat,” the report said.

It’s sickening that Obama is now trying to destroy both our first AND second amendment rights. SHARE this story if you want him OUT of the White House!