NY Sheriff Blames Obama For Wave Of Gang Violence Sweeping Across…


Long Island, once the sleepy, safe, and rich suburb of New York City, is now in crisis. There has been a recent wave of murders across Long Island linked to the horrific and violent MS-13 gang. And Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco puts the blame squarely on President Obama.

During an interview on “The Cats Roundtable” this weekend, DeMarco said “A large portion of the MS-13 gang members are here illegally. And they arrive in the country through the Unaccompanied Minor Program, which was really loosened up and formed under President Obama.”

Yes, those “beautiful people”, those limousine liberals living in Long Island who supported Obama are now getting a wake-up call. Their communities are becoming infected with Latin gangs, brought here by Obama’s disastrous immigration policies.

Gangs have been smuggling young men across the southern border for years. The newly arrived gang-members identify themselves to border control agents as unaccompanied minors. Current American immigration policy allows minors to stay, and immigration services will transport them anywhere they want to go, at tax-payer’s expense. Most of these men crossing the border bring no identification, and identify themselves as minors, even though they are in their 20’s and 30’s.

Just a few of the “unaccompanied minors” Obama welcomed into America

In 2015, the arrivals of these so-called “minors” reached an alarming rate of over 5,000 per month. And every one of them were given food, shelter, and free transportation to their sponsoring gang’s location, where they were groomed to be violent criminals.

Sheriff DeMarco talked about the community of Brentwood, Long Island, where there have been 11 murders within the last few months. Brentwood has a large El Salvadoran population. The notorious MS-13 gang has roots in El Salvador.

Sadly, many of the murder victims were high school kids, who were killed by MS-13 for refusing to join their gang.

The badly maimed bodies of four young men slaughtered by MS-13 gang members were found in Central Islip in April.

The sheriff also said he was pleased with the Trump administration’s efforts at reducing gang violence, and cited Attorney General Jeff Session’s recent visit to Central Islip to address the ongoing gang-related violence.

During his visit, Sessions told the press, “The MS-13 mantra is kill rape and control, and so that should tell us enough about the kind of groups we confront. Our motto is justice for victims and consequences for criminals.”

Speaking directly to the gangs, Sessions added, “We are targeting you. We are coming after you.”

Let’s hope that Trump and Sessions are successful in cleaning up the scum that Obama has brought to America.

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