No-Nonsense Mayor Does THIS After ‘Offended’ Muslims Refuse to Eat Pork


The mayor of the French city of Saint-Seurin made a school budget cut that has Muslim parents up in arms.

Saint-Seurin announced they would no longer serve non-pork alternatives for school lunches due to budget concerns. Muslim families are crying discrimination, as they do not eat pork for religious reasons.

The U.K. Express reports that Mayor Marcel Berthomé made the decision strictly for “financial reasons,” and was not politically motivated, adding that he “does not want Muslims to feel stigmatized.”

Regardless of the fact that the school could not afford to make two dishes each day for every child with dietary restrictions – this did not stop parents from protesting outside the school. According to Conservative Tribune, “no more than 15 students would be affected by the decision.”

Still, Muslim parents were not pleased because they were “not consulted.” Insisting on preferential treatment has become a trend in the Muslim community, and the more politicians bend to their will the more the Muslim community demands.


However, the mayor had a strong reaction to the protests, saying “…if you’re not happy, don’t eat at school!”

At least some politicians have the backbone to stand up to the Muslim community when there is no evidence of discrimination.

One of the Muslim parents was quoted, saying, “I am a Muslim, yes, but I am also a citizen. We’re no different than anyone else.”

Muslim woman take part in a demonstration outside the French Embassy in London

If these parents really wanted equal treatment, they would do what other families with diet restrictions do every week, and pack their own lunch! If a student is a vegetarian or doesn’t eat fish on certain days for religious reasons, they don’t protest; they adjust.

But the Muslim community has proven yet again that they demand special treatment. No one is forcing them to eat pork! If the school can’t afford two lunches, get over it and move on.