Newt Gingrich Drops NUCLEAR BOMB on Fox News


The mainstream media loves to paint Islam in nothing but a positive light, and completely separate Islam and radicalization. All the while, liberal politicians continue to refuse to name the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Gingrich appeared on Fox News to talk about the real threat at hand, and he blasted the mainstream media for covering up the truth.


When the recent terrorist attack in France occurred, many media outlets reported that the attacker cried out “God is great.” In reality, that is an accurate translation. However, the attacker actually said “Allahu Akbar” – but the media is driven by a pro-Muslim agenda, and didn’t even make note of the Arabic phrase.

The Blaze commented that CNN claimed the police didn’t think the crime was one of terror, just because they had yet to confirm the motive. The media seemed intent on making the killings about race, not religion.

Newt Gingrich is sick of this social justice avoidance tactic, and so are patriotic Americans. Radical terror attacks by Muslims are shattering Europe and turning it into a battle ground. Newt does not want that to happen to the United States.

According to the Blaze, “when The Associated Press tweeted out its story on the incident, it invoked what Muhammed said when he was apprehended. But instead of reporting Muhammad’s words as they were allegedly said, the AP chose to translate it to English. Also, the outlet gave no indication that Muhammad said the phrase in Arabic.”

Gingrich had harsh words for liberals and the lying media, saying that ignoring the problem of Islamic terror has disastrous consequences. Conservative Fighters shared this video where Newt takes on liberal politicians on live television. “France has very strict gun laws,” Gingrich said. “Except for terrorists, who seem to always be able to get guns.”

Newt Gingrich is a brave patriot who is speaking the truth without fear. Americans with a sense of pride in western values do NOT want to let in undocumented migrants or unvetted people from terror-prone nations into our great country!