Controversial New Trump Ad DEVASTATES Hillary


Trump continues to break all the rules of campaigning. His controversial new ad highlights the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party which touts itself as being “pro-women”.

The ad, which can currently only be seen on-line, plays Hillary Clinton’s voice espousing the importance of women’s rights, while showing slides of powerful liberal male politicians, including Bill Clinton, who have been caught sexually abusing women.

Calling out Democrats when they accuse the GOP of waging a “war on women” is long overdue. Establishment Republicans hate controversy and never have the courage to push back against such allegations. Trump, on the other hand, loves the controversy. He doesn’t just push back; he crushes the claim that the GOP is “anti-women”.

Democratic politicians have never seen anything like Trump and have no idea how to handle him. They are hoping he self-destructs at some point with an inappropriate comment.

But today’s voters are angrier than they’ve been in decades. They recognize how politicians from both parties have forsaken them. Democrat and Republican politicians continue to bankrupt the country while getting rich from special interests’ money. Trump supporters believe the billionaire candidate can not be bought, and his unconventional, non-establishment style is a refreshing change.

Will Trump’s passionate supporters’ energy and enthusiasm win him the GOP nomination? There is only one thing for sure; the next few months will be fantastic political theater.