New Roseanne Announcement Stuns Fans – Just One Week After ABC Cancels Show


In the past week, Roseanne Barr has seen her entire life be destroyed after she posted an offensive tweet about Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama’s former advisor. Now, it appears that the stress is taking a toll on Barr in a tragic way.

Daily Mail reported that heartbreaking new photos show Barr breaking down outside her parents’ home in Utah, where she has been hiding out since the backlash began. She was spotted crying as she talked on the phone while wearing a bright blue and purple dress.

Barr repeatedly held her hand up to her face as if in distress, and she was seen wiping tears from her eyes as well. Though the content of the call is a mystery, she may have been crying over the loss of $3 million over the cancellation of her show. She was to make $250,000 per episode for season two, which had already been picked up by ABC, but she will now receive none of that.


Barr has also lost millions more in residuals due to the fact that other networks have pulled all reruns of her program from the air. Liberals are effectively trying to erase Barr and make her a non-person simply because she made one mistake on Twitter, so it’s no wonder that she is overwhelmed.

Though Barr had signed a contract with ABC, a source said that the network has found a legal loophole that will allow them not to pay her.

“Roseanne’s contract was canceled because she brought the show and the network into disrepute so network bosses aren’t going to want to pay her but they’re more than happy to pay the rest of the cast,” the source said. “Even Roseanne’s comments on Twitter in recent days have the legal team adamant that she has broken the moral obligations of her contract.”

Barr has admitted to her mistake and owned up to it, and it’s sad that liberals are refusing to forgive her and allow her to move on with her life and career. We all make mistakes, and the world would be a much better place if we were willing to forgive people like Barr rather than punish them forever.

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