New Questions About Hillary Clinton’s Health Arise DAYS Before Election


There are just a few days left before the Election, and Hillary Clinton was hoping that she’d finally put rumors about her health problems to rest. However, these rumors were ignited in a big way this week after Americans noticed something odd about her latest appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mad World News reported that if you watch the video below closely, you’ll notice that Clinton’s eyes are often not in sync with each other. This fuels rumors that Clinton is suffering from a serious mental health condition that she has been hiding since before the election.

After watching the footage, two different medical experts speculated on what they think is really wrong with Clinton’s health.

“My rational self would say that they could have defused all this a long time ago by releasing her medical records and having her undergo the same type of neurologic exam that every high school football player in America who ‘gets his bell rung’ on Friday night must undergo before he can suit up for the game next Friday,” said Dr. John R. Coppedge, a surgical specialist from Texas, according to The American Mirror.

“She needs a full neurology evaluation, neuro-ophthalmology evaluation, MRI, cerebral venography and a lumbar puncture,” Dr. Gerald Gianoli, an expert in intracranial pressure, explained. “It is possible that her status could be significantly improved. But at the same time, she risks demonstrating to the public that her medical problems are more serious than she has let on in the past.”

Gianoli went on to say that he believes Clinton’s condition stems from an increased intracranial pressure, which can cause many other problems as well.

“It can lead to blindness, deafness, progressive vertigo/balance problems, seizures/stroke and continued problems with concentration, memory, and ability to mentally focus,” he said. The doctor added that it can also lead to death if it goes untreated and spreads to the opposite side of the brain.

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