New Law: Welfare Recipients Must Pass Drug Tests — See What Happened Next…


Brick by brick and piece by piece the idiocy that is Obama-Clinton Liberalism is being dismantled in Washington DC. Yes, folks… it’s finally happening!

This next piece of great news comes to us from, of all places, the halls of Congress where both houses have passed a bill that would give states the right to drug test welfare applicants. Because of rules set in place by Obama, they had been unable to do this in the past.

So now, depending on the state, if you fail a drug test, you don’t get taxpayer subsidized benefits! Can anyone argue that that’s the way it should be? Well, yes… of course there are people who don’t see the wisdom in that, and they are called

Finally, common sense is coming back to Washington. With the billions of dollars in welfare fraud that takes place every year, you might ask yourself why anyone would oppose this?

Gwen Moore, a Democrat Congresswoman from Wisconsin said that by passing this bill congressional Republicans had “continued their attack on the poor by forcing drug testing as a prerequisite for receiving unemployment benefits. As a former recipient of such services, I am appalled by the Republican Party’s discriminatory policies and deeply-sown disdain against those battling poverty.”

What part of battling poverty requires a person to be using illegal drugs? In fact, doesn’t someone’s chances of beating poverty improve when he’s clean?

What the congresswoman doesn’t seem to grasp is that welfare is a “temporary” solution for you until you can find a job. This bill tells a welfare recipient that if he’s hanging out at the house and getting high, he’s not putting his best foot forward to find a job — and if he does land a job that requires a drug test, he won’t be able to pass it.

When he starts making his own money, he can live his life as he sees fit, but while we’re paying for his rent and food and lifestyle, he’ll be expected to toe the line and get himself straight.

With so many people committing fraud and gaming the welfare system, this bill could not have come a moment too soon. It now goes to the President who is, of course, expected to sign it quickly!

Thank God Trump is in the White House and common sense is back in Washington DC!