Net Worth Of The Presidential Candidates – #3 May Surprise You!


The slate of candidates running for president has never been so diverse. Some people may suggest that financially successful candidates are more likely to be able to turn around the nation’s stagnant economy. Others have suggested that being wealthy makes a candidate out of touch. Either way, here is a list of the current presidential candidates, as listed by Forbes Magazine, from poorest to richest.

5) Bernie Sanders, $700,000 : Not surprisingly, the old socialist is at the bottom of the list. He tried his hand at construction but failed miserably. He even tried a stint at writing porn novels. Having never held a real job before age 40, Sanders is now a well-paid senator.

4) Ted Cruz, $3.5 Million : Before becoming a Texas senator, Cruz had a successful career in law. His wife also helped build their fortune as an employee at Goldman Sachs.

3) John Kasich, $10 Million : Many people are surprised to hear how wealthy Kasich has become. Before getting into politics, he had a very lucrative career at Lehman Brothers. Kasich also hosted a show on Fox News.

2) Hillary Clinton, $45 Million : Hillary makes huge sums of money giving speeches. This has come back to bite her during her primary campaign against Sanders. Hillary also sold her memoirs for $8 million.

1) Donald Trump, $4.5 Billion : It is difficult to calculate exactly how much the outspoken developer and reality star is worth, because the value of many of his properties can only be estimated. Nonetheless, Forbes suggests his net worth is around $4.5 Billion (Trump disputes this claim and suggests he is worth more than twice that much).

Not surprisingly, the two Democrat candidates obtained all their wealth from their political careers, while the three Republicans made their money in the private sector.

Do you think a candidate’s net worth has any relevance to their competency in the Oval Office? Let us know in the comments section.