NCAA Women’s Basketball Champs Firmly State That Team Will Accept Trump White House Invitation


There is a decades-long tradition whereby major American sports’ championship teams visit the White House. However, once Donald Trump became U.S. President controversies have embroiled athletes’ decisions on whether to attend.

However, the new champions of NCAA women’s basketball, the South Carolina Gamecocks, have decided that they will gladly make the trip to Washington D.C. to meet with the President.

Undoubtedly, the NCAA champions will receive backlash for their decision from the oh-so-tolerant Left. In fact, it is fair to say that anyone’s decision to accept a presidential invitation in the current toxic political climate will result in criticism.

How different from the eight years of former president Obama. When the Boston Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup, star goaltender Tim Thomas declined to attend the team’s trip to the White House. Thomas, a principled conservative, gave a clear, reasoned response to his decision, based on his political philosophies.

Did that do him any good? Of course not! He was ripped in the national media from coast to coast for supposedly elevating his own selfish interests over those of his team. That’s a far cry from 2016, when choosing to skip a Trump invitation is lauded by the media and the Left (the two are basically one and the same, of course) as acting on principle against the demonic Trump.

At any rate, the South Carolina women’s basketball team is clearly different. SEC Country reports that South Carolina Head Coach Dawn Staley let it be known that her team will not miss out on the opportunity and honor of visiting the White House.

Associated Press journalist Doug Feinberg reported on the story:

“I’ve got options now. Yeah, I’m going to the White House,” Staley told The Associated Press. “It’s what it stands for. It’s what national champions do. We’ll go to the White House.”

South Carolina Head Coach Dawn Staley

South Carolina’s star player A’ja Wilson said she would be excited about the opportunity if it is presented.

“I’ve never really been to the White House. It should be exciting to go with this group of girls,” Wilson said. “We’re going to have fun, so I’m excited. Honestly, I’m just going to go and enjoy the moment, just take it all in. This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so why not enjoy it?”

South Carolina’s A’ja Wilson

Good for them! These champions are thinking for themselves, and are ignoring the pressure that the regressive Left is exerting on everyone in these contentious times.

Why must everything be politicized? We should hope that other athletes will follow in the footsteps of these ladies and not let politics get in the way of simply enjoying life and getting along with others.

What do you think of the South Carolina women’s basketball team’s unreserved decision to accept the White House’s invitation to visit? Share your opinions in the Comments section.