Obese Welfare Leech Brags About Spending Your Tax Dollars on THIS…


Hillary supporters are typically out-of-touch with reality, but radical leftists really bring insanity to new levels.

In a rather disgusting video, a woman begins filming herself – and the first thing she does? Pick her nose. Yes, it’s true. She really does.

The viral video is narrated by a man who found the original video of the woman, and felt compelled to criticize the nastiness of her behavior, as well as the message.

The pink-haired woman begins her video by stating the reasons she will “never have a job.” She claims she is an artist, and doesn’t care about “putting food on the table.” She says she doesn’t want to deal with people, and having a real job is beneath her creative, artistic, soul.

The sad part is, if this woman was raised right she would not have to put disgusting videos of herself on the internet. She is being supported by her family and does not know the value of work, and what’s evident by her videos, she has no respect for herself, and craves attention by being vulgar and obnoxious.

She curses at her mother, screams, talks a bunch of nonsense, and basically makes the viewer wonder how someone like this even exists. Bad parenting, perhaps? This woman is not just a brat, she’s an ungrateful mooch!

The horrible woman continues to bash America, saying, “America is disgusting.” The man who found her videos decided to shed some light on how horrible some people can be, and unfortunately, the internet gives these anti-American losers a giant platform to share their toxic, uneducated, hateful words.

Many anti-Trump folks are struggling right now, and the fact that Trump won the election has many on the left throwing hysterical fits and having public meltdowns. It would be sad, if it wasn’t so funny!