Nancy Pelosi Suffers Humiliating Meltdown As She Tries To Bash Trump On Live TV


Over the last few months, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has allowed her hatred of Donald Trump to completely consume her. Now, this appears to be taking a serious toll on her mental state.

The American Mirror reported that Pelosi’s mental health was called into question once again on Thursday when she suffered a humiliating “brain freeze” during her latest anti-Trump press conference. Pelosi was trying to criticize the appointment of an investigator to look into alleged hacking of the U.S. election when she forgot what she was supposed to be talking about.

Arguing that the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel wasn’t good enough, Pelosi said, “I’m still concerned that Director Mueller will still be subject to the supervision of the Trump-appointed leadership at the Justice Department.

“A special prosecutor cannot take the place of a truly independent, outside commission that is completely free from the Trump administration’s meddling,” she continued, adding that a commission could address the “broader vulnerability” from “foreign interference in the future.”

That’s when things went downhill.

“The investigation that, uh, Muell, uh, what are we talking about? Special, uh,” she said, clearly struggling.

“Special counsel Mueller is undertaking,” Pelosi continued after the brain freeze, “is about what has happened and is there wrongdoing. We’re saying we have got to prevent this from happening in the future, we– that is one of the reasons we need an outside, independent counsel.”

Obviously embarrassed, she then realized she had demanded the wrong thing.

“Justice Department,” she continued, before backtracking and saying, “uh, commission. Independent, outside commission.”

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