Nancy Pelosi Comes UNHINGED During Anti-Trump Speech – This Could End Her Career


Over the past few months, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has spent her time relentlessly attacking Donald Trump. Now, it appears that her hatred for the president has caused her to become completely unhinged mentally.

The Gateway Pundit reported that while speaking to Refugees International on Tuesday, Pelosi butchered names, failed to pronounce countries correctly, and mispronounced countless words. She appeared to be visibly uncomfortable during her speech as she desperately tried to push back questions about her failing health.

Unfortunately for Pelosi, she failed miserably and made herself look mentally ill.

One of Pelosi’s worst mistakes came when she said cutting the foreign aid budget would “only deepen the crisis fighting – facing the children.” Here were some of her other mistakes:

“Today, the strong moral varce – voice of Refugees International . . .”

“We degrade our values and our security when we slam the door in the face of children freeing – fleeing atrocities.”

“With the specter of famine looming over northeast Nigeria, Somalia, south Sudan, and Yumat, and Yay-men.”

“Slashing the state deparn-bubbett – department budget and foreign aid budget by 30% would only deepen the crisis fighting – facing the children.”

Pelosi awkwardly closed the speech by thanking the group that invited her before walking off the stage appearing visibly confused. No wonder California voters are losing faith in her, as it’s becoming clear her chances of being reelected in 2018 are declining rapidly.

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