Muslim Welfare Recipient Finds Out Her Benefits Have Been Cancelled – Look at What Happened Next…


When will people learn not to post all their life’s details on social media?

A British Muslim welfare recipient has been caught scamming the British taxpayers out of over $72,000 in welfare benefits. She had claimed that she was destitute, just barely scraping by, and was only able to put food in her belly thanks to the halal meals prepared for her by her local mosque.

Further digging by British authorities revealed that Reid had 19 bank accounts holding over $260,000.

Carina Reid, age 32, had been fooling the government for years with her ruse, until authorities checked out her Facebook page, and realized that the duplicitous Ms. Reid was leading quite the double-life.

A perusal of Reid’s Facebook account showed that she was a model and business woman (beyond her other job as scam artist). The welfare payments she received helped pay for her lavish lifestyle, which included trips to Dubai and other ritzy locales, champagne, and Five-star hotels.


Reid often posted pictures of herself dining in gourmet restaurants, lounging poolside at exotic resorts, or going on helicopter rides.

Reid’s welfare scam on the British taxpayers began in 2009 when she stated that a boutique she was operating was generating very low revenues.

A neighbor on King’s Road in Chelsea said: “It’s a shock. We barely saw her because of her jetset lifestyle. She was always partying and just gave the impression of being very successful.”

Reid was so hard up for money that she was able to put down a $29,000 deposit on a luxury flat in Chelsea, as well as spending almost $168,000 on property purchases in Dubai.


Her case was heard by the Islesworth Crown Court, where, according to the Evening Standard, she pled guilty to “nine charges of dishonestly claiming housing benefit and council tax benefit.” She was sentenced to three years in prison.

The Evening Standard reported that at sentencing, Judge Douglas Marks Moore summed up Reid’s scam as “sophisticated” and “premeditated.”

The judge also noted that Reid’s scheme was “not a passive fraud,” as with each completion of a welfare benefits form, there was a “positive demonstration to deceive.”

Unapologetic to the end, Reid has not paid back any of the taxpayer monies she bilked. She even had the nerve to write off some of her trips as business training. She also claimed that some of her travels were paid for by men and friends.

Lesson One: Don’t try to fool the government and cheat taxpayers. That’s just wrong.

Lesson Two: If you decide not to follow Lesson One, don’t boast of your jet-set lifestyle and post pictures to prove it on social media. That’s just stupid.