Muslim Refuses to Remove Hijab at Airport – Gets a HARSH Slap of Reality


A woman named Aghnia Adzkia threw an absolute fit when airport security officers requested that she remove her hijab for safety reasons. In an attempt to discredit the officers, the passenger took her own video of the incident. However, the video blew up on her big time as she learned a brutal lesson.

Adzkia was passing through security at Rome, Italy’s Ciampino Airport on her way to London when officers asked her to remove her hijab. The angry traveler believed the request to be discriminatory against Muslims and did not hesitate to make a ruckus over it, as Coconuts Jakarta reports.

While filming the exchange, Adzkia demanded that officers show her the law that mandates her hijab should be removed. Fortunately, the security team took their job seriously, and for the safety of other passengers, they would not let her pass.

As the Sun reports, the female security official explained, “You are not safe,” adding, “You could hide something in your hair. If you don’t take it off, we do not know if there’s something inside, okay? You are not safe for us.”

In the end, Adzkia finally admitted defeat:

“Later in the evening, I booked a ticket to London flying from Fiumicino airport. During the security check the security officials also insisted I take off my hijab. This time I agreed because I wanted to prove to them that I have nothing to hide and that I am not a terrorist.”

Muslims like Aghnia Adzkia love to complain and cause a stir, but the truth is, these security officials are doing outstanding work. Who knows what kind of weapon or explosive could be hidden underneath the hijab? Besides, airports offer private rooms for hijab inspections. People like Adzkia are denying reality if they believe that hijab inspections are discriminatory.

Throwing fits and posting them to social media does not help their cause in the least. It’s about time that Muslims around the world learn that the West won’t cave to their demands or tolerate their expectations of special treatment any longer, just like Adzkia finally seemed to realize, albeit the hard way.