Muslim Refuses to Remove Burqa in Court, So No-Nonsense Judge Does THIS

Muslim Woman in Niqab

Muslims have been flouting the western laws for some time when those laws conflict with Islamic religious law – Sharia.

However, the media outlet Daily Mail reports that “a new [Australian] law, proposed by the Victorian Opposition, would give judges and magistrates more power to punish bad behavior in court and settle any misconceptions around contempt of law.”

If the proposal becomes law, a woman wearing a niqab or burqa could face up to a $1,500 fine or two weeks time in jail, if she refuses to remove her head covering in court when directed to by a judge.

Victorian Opposition head Matthew Guy said the measure was necessary as Muslims have shown an increasing degree of disrespect for authority in court.

Guy stated in an interview with the Herald Sun, Australia’s biggest selling news source, that “The idea that a defendant can dictate to a judge what they will or will not do is one of the reasons why there is a growing disrespect from some people for our laws and our way of life.”

The eastern Australian state of New South Wales already has a set of laws similar to these. The impetus for that state’s regulations was an instance of a Muslim woman refusing a judge’s order in court to remove her headgear while giving evidence.

Laws like those the one proposed by the Victorian Opposition and New South Wales are necessary and overdue. In many ways the religion of Islam commands its followers to follow a different set of rules and laws than those of a non-Muslim host nation. Combined with the suicidally-empathetic tendencies of western liberal societies, it is a unworkable combination.

There is no principled-reason why a host society should have to assimilate to an outside group, with alien customs, rather than vice versa. If an Australian, German, or American visited Saudi Arabia, would anyone think Saudi Arabs would defer to the westerner? Of course not!

People brought up in western civilization tend to see accommodation to out groups as a show of niceness that will be naturally reciprocated. Then everyone can hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya’ in their understanding, diverse world.

However, Islam offers a brutally intolerant worldview. Its followers see western niceness as a sign of weakness to be exploited. Nothing more.

As more and more people in the non-Muslim world face the hard realities that adherents of ‘The Religion of Peace’ are just not able to assimilate, and take commonsense measures, the better.

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