Muslim ‘Refugee’ Slaps Girl for Refusing to Have Sex With Him… Then THIS Happens


The Obama Administration would have you believe that the Muslim ‘refugees’ are wholly peaceful and deserving. The reality, however, is much different than that…

The refugees have already been wreaking havoc on Europe for the last year. In Cologne, Germany, gangs of refugees are going around raping and assaulting German women. But of course, the mainstream media continues to downplay — and flat out ignore — this violence as to not portray the reality about the Muslims.

One of the most recent incidents shows a Muslim refugee from Africa trying to get a girl to have sex with him. She refuses his advances. What he does next is chilling…

The Muslim slaps the girl directly across the face, and his friends cheer.

It’s just one more example showing what little respect the Muslim culture has for women. While the Democrats in America continue to preach about the “War on Women,” they forget that the REAL war on women is taking place within the Muslim culture.

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