Muslim Mob Blocks Freeway – But Watch What Happens Next…


Ever since Donald Trump signed his temporary travel ban from seven dangerous nations, the mainstream media has tried to make it look like refugees have no intention of forcing the Western world to change and submit to Shariah law. Videos like this, however, remind us that many migrants will never be satisfied until the West has submitted to Islam.

The video above shows Muslims take over a street in the city of Moscow, Russia and completely shut it down. Once they’ve taken control of the street, the Muslims begin to pray, completely ignoring the fact that non-Muslims need to use the road to get around the city.

Unfortunately, after eight years of Barack Obama’s leadership, many migrants have done this same type of thing in the U.S. The video below shows that the city of Dearborn Michigan has been completely taken over by Islam to the point where it feels more like the Middle East than the U.S.

This is all Obama’s doing, as he effectively opened our borders to refugees. Many of these migrants are on welfare thanks to Obama, so our tax dollars are being used to fund their Islamic lifestyles.

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