Muslim Migrant RAPES 10 Year-Old Boy – What Happens Next Is Even Worse…


The mainstream media is always trying to make it look like Muslim migrants are peaceful people who pose no threat to Westerners. Stories like this, however, remind us of how dangerous Muslim refugees can be.

Daily Mail reported that a Muslim migrant was just arrested in Sydney, Australia for raping a 10 year-old boy. Mufiz Rahaman, 20, reportedly told police that he did not know it was wrong to sexually assault the child because what he did was “culturally acceptable” in his home country of Myanmar.

A court in Sydney was told that Rahaman preyed on the young boy while he was living with a group of refugees, including his father, at a vacant RSL club in Lakemba, a suburb in Sydney’s south west. He reportedly crept into the child’s bedroom, which he shared with his father, as he slept and took off the boy’s underpants. He then raped the child as his father made lunch in the other room.

The boy’s father returned to the room to see that the door had been shut, and he overheard Rahaman say inside, “I’ll give you money for this.”

“My father will hit me,” the boy replied.

The father then burst into his room and found Rahaman lying on top of his son who was face down on the bed with his pants around his knees.

“What are you doing to this little boy? You’re an adult,” the father exclaimed.

Though Rahaman denied doing anything wrong, the child confirmed that he had been raped.

Rahaman plead guilty to the charges against him and was sentenced to five years in prison this week. He will be eligible for parole in March of 2018, even though the judge noted he had a moderate to high risk of re offending.

It’s incredibly disturbing that this migrant raped a little boy because it was “culturally acceptable” in his home country. This is exactly what Donald Trump is trying to protect us from with his travel ban.

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