Muslim in Florida Threatens to Use Taser on Pool-Goers For Refusing to Cover Up

Muslim man doesn't like girls wearing bikinis by pool, so he threatens to shoot with a taser.

Media outlet GOP The Daily Dose posted a video on its website of two Muslim immigrants harassing Americans trying to enjoy time at a Florida pool.

Specifically, what enraged the two Muslims was that some of the girls in the pool were wearing bikinis – a strict no-no under Sharia law. The two men were so incensed that the Americans refused to give in and cover up that one of them stepped outside the confines of the pool area and returned moments later with a taser in hand! Yes, he was threatening to start using it on the infidels if they would not relent to his demands for Sharia-dictated modesty!

The Americans refused to relent, and the man with the taser ultimately did not use it, likely because, as one of the Americans kept reminding him, the event was being captured on video.

This is exactly what Europe is seeing more of, as they have Muslim populations much larger than the United States. Barack Obama happily welcomed thousands from these unassimilable societies, and Hillary Clinton claimed that if president, she would increase the inflow of these “refugees.”

It is not simply jihadi terrorism that people in Europe and the United States need to fear from Muslim immigration. It is also fundamental changes in what we are allowed to do, in our own countries, our own societies, because the Koran simply does not allow for the freedoms that we cherish.

Donald Trump gets this. Hillary Clinton didn’t. And that’s but one reason why Trump will be the next American president.

Plenty of American women love wearing their bikinis. Who are Muslims to tell us this shouldn’t be allowed?

Migrants to the United States need to respect our ways. They are guests in our country. They need to assimilate to our ways, not we to theirs. We don’t need them, we are simply doing them a favor. And this is the gratitude they show?

At a fundamental level, immigration policy of any nation should put the interests of the citizens of that nation first. If an influx of migrants doesn’t help, and in fact hurts that nation’s society, the migrants should not be allowed in.

A fundamental point that Donald Trump, thankfully, understands.