Muslim Employees DEMAND Special Treatment, Receive BRUTAL Response


Cargill Meat Solutions, located in Fort Morgan, Colorado, has fired 190 Muslim workers who had walked off the job in protest. The workers had demanded times during their shifts to stop work and pray. They company, which had previously made allowances for the Muslim workers to pray during breaks and even provided them a designated prayer room, said no.

Most of the fired workers are Somali immigrants. Cargill is a meat packing and distribution plant. After the initial walk-off, some workers returned, but most did not. Although the workers belong to a union, they had turned the negotiations with Cargill over to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who have been negotiating on their behalf.

Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan, Colorado

CAIR spokespersons Jaylani Hussein and Jenifer Wicks stated that “They feel missing their prayer is worse than losing their job… It’s like losing a blessing from God.”

The company runs an assembly line. When the workers simply walked off en masse, it caused financial damage to the company. Cargill had tried to accommodate them as best they could, but is wasn’t enough.

It would seem that Cargill was more than fair to their Muslim employees in providing them the opportunity to pray during their breaks, and in a prayer room created for their needs, at that. Would most companies go to that degree to accommodate Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist workers? It’s very doubtful.

In fact, there are multitudes of unemployed Americans who would love the chance to take the place of the ungrateful and spoiled Muslim workers of Cargill, and they would doubtless work without extra breaks or a prayer room.

Part of the problem may lie with the overwhelmingly liberal American media, who has coddled Muslims to the point where any demand is expected to be met. In many majority Muslim nations those who adhere to Islam receive preferential treatment, so maybe this is another factor explaining the workers’ behavior. They may not fully understand that in the U.S., all are expected to receive equal treatment and contribute equally to society.

CAIR spokesperson Hussein said that not having the right to drop to the floor and pray whenever they wished was more important to his constituents than keeping their jobs. Well, it looks like they got their wish. But they still complain.