Murder Rate In Chicago On The Rise: 301 Shot And 45 Dead


The shootings and murders in Chicago are out of control, and something must be done. The April 2017 numbers are in and they are horrifying: there have been 301 shootings, and 45 of them have been fatal.

Allen B. West reports on the murder rate and says that, shockingly, “in 90 percent of the cases, no suspect has been charged.”

According to the source the current murder rate in Chicago is that “a person is shot every two hours and 45 minutes,” and “one person is murdered basically every 15 hours.”

This weekend alone, as reported by the Chicago Times, three people were murdered and eight people were wounded since Friday night. Allen West says that so far this year, 1,036 people have been shot and 181 have been killed. “Eighty-percent of the victims are black,” the source states.

Donald Trump promised to help the inner cities and he will – but liberal politicians are not making it easy. Left leaning politicians are happy to hang a Black Lives Matter banner in the city center but they don’t actually work to save the lives of black people who are dying in record numbers, due to gun violence and drug and gang culture.

The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, would rather secure support from his voting bloc than save lives. The slimy Mayor refuses to follow the law and insists on maintaining Chicago’s sanctuary city status, not for moral reasons as he claims, but to stay popular amongst his dwindling base.

Emanuel is also against the stop and frisk tactic, which has been proven to reduce crime but makes liberals heads explode because they think it’s racist and intrusive. (Side note: liberals think everything that has to do with law and order is racist and intrusive.)

But one might ask the Mayor of Chicago how the families of the deceased feel about cracking down on crime? Or the mothers of young children who are afraid to walk around their own city. As long as Rahm sticks to his left-wing views, Chicago will continue to be dangerous and riddled with violent crime.