MSNBC Weasel Chris Hayes Interviews Actress Susan Sarandon – Gets NASTY Surprise From Her Response!

Actress Susan Sarandon appeared on Wednesday's 'All in with Chris Hayes'

On Wednesday’s edition of “All in with Chris Hayes”, actress Susan Sarandon, a big-time Bernie Sanders supporter during his failed campaign for the White House, spoke with MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

Sarandon appeared with a sidekick, the playwright, director, and environmentalist Josh Fox. Things got testy, almost immediately.

The weaselly Hayes hinted that Sarandon was partly to ‘blame’ for the election of Donald Trump (the joke here is the notion that what Susan Sarandon thinks would sway any one of the 60+ million Trump voters).

Here is the MSNBC video:

Hayes went after Sarandon, asking her: “Do you feel like you properly appreciated what a Donald Trump presidency would be?”

The actress refused to take Hayes’ bait, responding: “What we have to do now is spend our time and energy focusing on how to fight what’s going on. And so when people are attacking me or trying to say this could have happened …

Really? That’s where we want to spend our time and energy?”

Then things got fun (for the watchers, not necessarily for the pathetic Hayes): “I mean, you’re a journalist You consider yourself a journalist, right?”


From this point on, Sarandon and Fox took over the direction of the interview.

Sarandon clearly has her set of priorities, which, we should give her credit, are more important to her than getting a Democrat elected. She posed the following question to the increasingly uncomfortable-looking Hayes:

“Can you look me in the eyes and tell me you are doing your job to cover these issues completely? We don’t need to have a conversation about my imagination about where Trump was going to be.”

During the campaign cycle, Sarandon had vowed to never vote for Hillary and her record of corruption, switching her allegiance to Bernie Sanders after he dropped out of the race. For this, legions on the left hate her.

This is also incredible from Wednesday’s MSNBC episode: Early in the interview, Hayes asked Sarandon about the ‘revolution.’ It appeared that the understanding was of a non-peaceful, non-democratic revolution.

Sarandon: “I’m really not a proponent for trying to have a revolution when we could have had peaceful change without, when we could have had a legal revolution.”

In the wake of their November 2016 catastrophe, and the subsequent energetic work of President Donald Trump to make good on every one of his campaign promises, it is enjoyable to sit back and watch the left devour itself.

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