MSNBC Goes into Full MELTDOWN MODE After Trump’s Speech to Congress


On a special edition of “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” on MSNBC, the liberal guests from Hollywood were allowed to whine about our president and the address he gave to the joint session of Congress.

Actor and Director Rob Reiner, a self proclamed lifelong liberal activist, made statements as brazen as calling the speech “cringworthy” and stating Trump is “a snake oil salesman.”

When referring to Vice President, Mike Pence, Reiner said, “I’m going to be the president pretty soon. As soon as all the connections to Russia, and the money, and the money.” When asked if he thought Pence was the “leaker” Reiner replied, “Listen, if I were Pence I’d be leaking like a sive.”

Kathy Griffin, comedian, self-proclaimed “D-list” celebrity and LGBT activist opened her appearance with a plethora of insults aimed at the President and his just finished address to Congress and the nation. In her usual intelligent manner she said, “What an idiot.” She continued, “I mean we’ve got to watch this idiot for an hour and nine minutes. He says one hateful thing after another. He is so embarrassing.”

Not to leave out the President’s wife in the insults Griffin also said, “Melania comes in with the sequined jacket and all the white guys are like ‘hey she’s hot.’ Maybe if I’m like him I could get her.”

Regular MSNBC guest, Director Michael Moore, wrapped up Matthew’s celebrity parade. He had no patience for any positive media reception of Trump’s address. “The way this is going to be portrayed tomorrow,” he said,” they’re already doing it…there’s a new tone, there’s a better, softer, kinder…but remember he is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.”