Morning After Debate, CNN Website Goes NUCLEAR Against Trump


There is a reason so many people refer to CNN as the “Clinton News Network”. The news network, which was founded by liberal moon-bat Ted Turner, is consistently and flagrantly liberal.

During last night’s debate, Donald Trump mopped the floor with Hillary Clinton. It was refreshing to finally see Trump remain strong, composed, and articulate. Even Fox News’ liberal Juan Williams conceded that Trump dominated the debate from start to finish.

But the Clinton cheerleaders at CNN were not pleased with how the debates went. One look at their website this morning gave a clear indication that they are angry at Donald Trump, and very worried that he may indeed become our next president. The CNN website looked like something right out of the Daily Kos.

Here are all the top news stories posted on the CNN web site at 9:15 this morning, from the first story to their last:

1. Trump Threatens To Lock Up Clinton If He Wins Election

2. Putin and Pinochet and Other World Leaders Who Jail Opponents

3. Trump Said Special Prosecutor To Probe Clinton If He Wins

4. Trump’s Mission: To Make Clinton’s Life Hell For The Next Month

5. Trump Calls Clinton the Devil and then Attacks Her Husband

6. The Scorched Earth Debate In 2 Minutes


Hilarious stuff.

Particularly amusing is the way they used their first two headlines to compare Trump to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Augusto Pinochet, the former military authoritarian ruler of Chile.

Also comical was CNN’s declaration that Trump’s mission for the next month was to make Clinton’s life Hell. (Of course, their candidate Hillary Clinton would never try to make Donald Trump’s life uncomfortable at all…)

The folks at CNN also refuse to acknowledge that Trump did not proactively bring up Bill Clinton’s sexual crimes during the debates. It wasn’t until Hillary started slinging mud at Trump, calling him sexist and “anti-women”, that Trump finally responded with Hillary’s track record of trashing the women that her own husband had abused.

It was a bad night for Hillary Clinton. And a bad night for her cheerleaders at CNN.

Do you watch CNN? Do you find their coverage biased? Share your thoughts in the comments section.