Mike Pence Makes MAJOR Announcement – Trump Supporters Shocked

Vice-President Elect Mike Pence was excited to see the Broadway play, Hamilton.

Vice President Elect Mike Pence gave a speech in Indiana yesterday, where he gave a major speech about the coming administration.

Pence made a point to address to major issues: immigration and defense. He told the crowd:

Last week we saw one more terrorist attack in the heartland of America, in Ohio. When President Elect Donald Trump takes office, he will rebuild our military. We will suspend immigration from nations compromised by terrorism. … We have elected a man of action.

Although the mainstream media has been determined to paint Trump out to be a candidate who won’t follow through on his campaign promises, so far there is no hard evidence to support that. If Pence’s most recent speech is any indication, it seems that President Trump will be a man of action and results.

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