Migrants Show Up at Welfare Office to Collect Benefits – Get a NASTY SURPRISE Instead!


A group of refugees recently went to the asylum center in Austria to get paychecks, food stamps, and free housing — all at the expense of the taxpayers. However, instead of getting what they wanted, they received a brutal wakeup call.

The Express reports that on Tuesday, Austrian Parliament approved a series of measures that will make the burqa illegal and force all refugees to learn the German language, complete a year-long course in assimilation, and participate in unpaid charity work if they want refugee status.

Residents who are caught wearing the Islamic veil in public will be slapped with a $165 fine for each offense with additional offenses resulting in harsher reprimands. The legislation will also force migrants to take German language classes and a 12-month integration course that focuses on the country’s culture and values. During this time, they will be expected to speak the language of their hosts and adopt the Austrian way of life if they wish to stay.

Furthermore, asylum seekers are now expected to earn their benefits, including welfare and food stamps, by contributing to society. Migrants will be forced to participate in unpaid charity work before they even enter the country, according to RT.

If they refuse? They lose their benefits along with their refugee status.

The charity requirement serves several purposes. First, it will relieve some of the burdens on taxpayers by having migrants give back to the communities funding them. It will also prevent welfare abuse and weed out economic migrants who’ve come to Austria solely for welfare. Additionally, the legislation helps prepare refugees to join the workforce, lowering the number of unemployed welfare users and migrants who possess little to no skill.

Migrants were already enraged after Upper Austria slashed their monthly benefits from $1030 to $580 last summer. Sputnik News reports that with Austria’s continual crackdown on migrant welfare abusers, the country is now ranked as one of the lowest paying in Europe. The recent changes have prompted a decrease in Muslim migration to its borders, which is seen as a major accomplishment in light of the UN’s pressure to take in more asylum seekers.

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