Migrant Rapes 8 Women For Wearing Bikinis – But What Happens Next is CHILLING…


The mainstream media is on a mission to make it look like Muslim migrants pose no threat to western women just so that they can make Donald Trump look bad. That’s why you won’t be hearing at this from most liberal media outlets…

A teenage migrant from Afghanistan was recently arrested in Australia for groping and molesting eight bikini-clad women on a beach.

He reportedly swam up behind the women in a “predatory manner” before groping them and forcing his way into their bikinis, molesting their genitals and breasts. Each of his victims were between the ages of 15 and 24, and two of them were so traumatized by the attack that they have suffered from mental health problems ever since.

But what happened next was even MORE sickening.

A liberal judge just set this refugee free, sentencing him to two years of probation and a mandatory sexuality class instead of prison time. The judge excused the migrant’s behavior by citing cultural differences, saying the Muslim man was not accustomed to seeing women in bikinis and therefore he could not control himself.

This just goes to show that once Muslim refugees make it to the West, they feel that they can do whatever they want to our women. SHARE this story if you find this DISGUSTING!