Michigan Town Votes To Ban Mosques – What Happens Next Is Shocking…


Hundreds of citizens gathered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, to hear the results of a vote that would determine whether a new mosque be built in Detroit.

Conservative Fighters reports that “city hall was filled to capacity with 240 people anxiously awaiting the results.”

According to the New York Times, “Mayor Michael C. Taylor of Sterling Heights said in an interview on Wednesday that despite the anti-Muslim rhetoric of some residents, the rejection really was about zoning. The city is home to two previously built mosques, as well as a Sikh temple and a Buddhist temple.”

Also from the Times:

Throughout the process, anti-Muslim sentiments flared. One public commenter held up a photograph of a woman wearing a garment that covered her head and said he did not want to “be near people like this,” according to the Justice Department complaint. Another resident suggested that weapons might be hidden in the mosque. Still another said officials should screen the American Islamic Community Center’s members because “they’re cutting people’s heads off; they kill our soldiers.”

The Mayor told the press that “much of the resistance to the mosque came from the city’s large population of Chaldean Christians, some of whom were refugees who fled religious persecution in Iraq,” who saw the presence of a new mosque as a provocation.

Residents of the area feared the mosque to have ties to extremism.

Conservative Fighters also reported that there were more people gathered outside of city hall, and hundreds of people were shouting “No More Mosques!” and “God Bless America.”

Many Michigan citizens feel that Muslim migrants have turned their neighborhoods and cities into unrecognizable places, one resident claiming that the area “…doesn’t seem like Sterling Heights. I feel like I’m in Baghdad.”

The crowd was very clear – they are taking a stand against the Islamization of their hometown. Watch the shocking video here: