Michelle Obama Resurfaces To Make HORRIFYING Announcement – This Isn’t Good…


Since leaving the White House, Michelle Obama has thankfully spent most of her time out of the public eye, choosing to instead keep a low profile at her Washington D.C. mansion. Unfortunately, however, it was just announced that Michelle has actually been quietly plotting her return in the spotlight, and she’s about to make her first move…

The Washington Examiner reported that Michelle has decided her big return will take place later this month when at an architecture conference in Orlando, Fla. There, she will sit down for a “conversation” on April 27 at the event held by the American Institute of Architects. The topic of the discussion has not yet been revealed.

“Michelle Robinson Obama served as First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017, transforming the position and becoming a role model, champion, and inspiration for women, families, and young people across America and around the world,” said the webpage that announced Michelle as the speaker.

The website also highlighted four of the initiatives Michelle launched during her time as First Lady, including “Joining Forces” and “Let’s Move!”

Though it is not yet clear if this is a paid engagement, we wouldn’t put it past Michelle to demand a hefty speaking fee much like Bill and Hillary Clinton did after they left the White House. In fact, we wouldn’t expect anything less of Michelle.

Unfortunately, this is likely the beginning of years of public appearances by Michelle in which she’ll almost certainly race-bait and mouth off about Donald Trump. SHARE this story if you wish Michelle would just GO AWAY!