Michelle Obama Resurfaces To Issue HORRIFYING Statement – She’s Not Done…


Michelle Obama has stayed very quiet ever since she moved out of the White House back in January. This came as a huge relief to millions of Americans, who were hoping that this marked the end of Michelle’s time in the public eye.

Unfortunately, we learned today that Michelle has actually been spending her time plotting her return, and she has no intention of shutting her mouth again anytime soon.

The Huffington Post reported that Michelle took to Twitter on Wednesday to say that both she and her husband will continue to speak out and fight for issues they believe in.,

“Excited by the potential of the Obama Pres. Center,” she tweeted. “Barack [and] I will continue to champion the issues close to our hearts, including girls ed[ucation].”

This came days after it was reported that Donald Trump’s administration was planning to end Michelle’s precious “Let Girls Learn” campaign. Though his White House denied this, future funding for the program is in question.

Sadly, it looks like Michelle plans to spend the next few decades whining about various causes and stealing as much of the spotlight for herself as she can. SHARE this story if you wish Michelle Obama would GO AWAY!