Michelle Obama for PRESIDENT? No!!!

Michelle Obama and Girls
Michelle Obama and her girls, which are the focus of her life.

Michelle Obama for president in 2020? What? Thankfully, Daivd Axelrod, one of Obama’s top advisors has put the kabash on this. It’s pretty much guaranteed never to happen.

According to Axelrod, “People say to me all the time, ‘Well, do you think she might run for office sometime?’ I would bet everything that I own against that prospect. She is not someone who loves politics at all. And I don’t think she’s really out there as a political figure now. She’s out there because she feels passionately about the choice here.”

According to Axelrod, Michelle has her own life and is focused on raising her children, as any good mother would be, rather than politics.

Apparently, before Obama ran for president, Michelle made it quite clear that this was his, not her, career path. She agreed to be as supportive as possible, but she had no intention of becoming involved in politics. Again, according to Axelrod, “She didn’t campaign terribly much for him in 2004 when he ran for the Senate, for example, a campaign that I was involved in. And that was just the understanding between them. But, you know, obviously, when you run for president, it’s a different deal so, you know, she became, you know, she gave up a lot to help him and assist him and then as first lady.”

Sources say that Michelle is excited about exiting the White House. She is said to be excited about having her “life back,” and getting out of the public eye. This is good because, for once, we agree with Michelle! Nothing personal, but we like having her, and her husband, out of the White House, too!