Everyone Is Talking About What Melania Trump Wore Last Night


Melania Trump can’t help but cause a commotion wherever she goes: she is exquisite, stately, and always composed.

On Tuesday evening, however, when attending her husband’s address to Congress, it was Melania’s black skirt suit, rather than her looks, that was the reason for comment. As it turned out, not everyone thought that the black sequined outfit was appropriate for such a solemn affair. On the other hand, many people loved the almost $10,000 Michael Kors outfit.

A Ms. Carolyn Dolan Tweeted:

#Melania is wearing sequins and #IvankaTrump is wearing off-shoulder. #MoneyDoesntBuyClass#trumpaddress

A Ms. Amanda Hiner wrote in her Twitter message:

It looks like Melania was unchained tonight for the address and she seems to think it’s NYE.

A Ms. Jackie Davis was a little more abrupt with her language and suggestion to Melania:

I’m sorry, but sequins are NOT appropriate for a #JointAddress Get your shit together, Melania.

And, finally, a Ms. Wendy Wilson Tweeted out:

Who wears black sequins to Congress?. Where you going after the speech Melania, da club? #JointAddress

On the other hand, Adelle Nazarian loved the First Lady’s look:

@FLOTUS Melania Trump enters. She looks stunning in a dark suit with sequin detail #JointAddress #JointSession

Honky Tonk Jew added to the Twitter comments by saying:

#slay Melania … slay . She looks amazing #JointAddress

Well, as they say, you can’t please everyone. What do you think about Melania’s outfit? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments, below.