Melania Trump Breaks Her Silence – Makes MAJOR Announcement


Melania is bringing class and style back to the White House, one room at a time! The Los Angeles Times reports that Melania has hired an interior designer to help her make the private quarters of White House feel like home.

The First Lady has enlisted the help of interior designer Tham Kannalikham to begin redecorating.


Senior Advisor to Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, said, “Mrs. Trump has a deep appreciation for the historical aspects of the White House and with Tham’s traditional design and expertise, they are focusing on a seamless integration of elegance and comfort into where the President, the First Lady, and [their son] Barron will be spending their family time and calling their home.”


Elegance and comfort are beautiful design goals, and the new First Lady clearly respects the traditions of the country and the White House. The female Laotian-American designer Melania is working with was discovered by Ralph Lauren and now owns her own design firm.

Kannalikham released a statement this week saying, “I am honored by the opportunity to be working with the First Lady to make the White House feel like home.”


The LA Times suggests that it’s Kannalikham’s low-profile that attracted Melania to her work. Melania cares a lot about privacy and protecting Barron from media scrutiny, so working with a designer who respects that has it’s benefits. The Times writes:

“While it was not immediately known how she and the First Lady met, the fact that Kannalikham keeps a relatively low profile may have been a selling point with FLOTUS. The designer’s web site has a private login for clients, and it does not feature any photographs or information beyond an e-mail contact. Her Instagram account is private.”

Too bad all the designers and celebrities that refused to work with the Trump’s are missing out on all the fame and fortune! Kannalikham and Melania seem to be a perfect match, as both women have impeccable taste.