Megyn Kelly’s NBC Move Just Backfired – She Never Should Have Ditched Fox…


Megyn Kelly abruptly ended her career at Fox News last week to take a position at NBC News. Just days later, however, it’s quickly become clear that this was a huge mistake for her…

A poll conducted by Morning Consult just revealed that Kelly has lost the vast majority of her fans with this move, as most of them won’t follow her to NBC. According to Breitbart, conservative Trump supporters said they had no intention of following Kelly to her new network, with 26% saying they are now less likely to watch her now.

The silver lining in the poll for Kelly was that 29% of Hillary Clinton supporters said they were more likely to watch Kelly now that she has left Fox, but these numbers could very well be misleading. Thanks to her frequent complaints about both Trump and Fox News, Kelly became a martyr of sorts to liberals over the past year as she was hailed as the most leftwing personality on Fox. However, now that she is on NBC, she will likely be the most conservative host there, meaning she will quickly fall out of favor with liberals.

On top of that, Newsweek reported that experts are saying her three-show deal with NBC isn’t nearly as good as it seems. Daytime television is notoriously difficult to succeed in, especially for a hard-hitting news personality like Kelly. Her intense demeanor will also make it tough for her to do well on the 9am hour of the Today show, which she will also likely be appearing on.

Finally, Kelly was given a Sunday night news show, which is a time slot that typically is a ratings loss for any major network.

In essence, Kelly was set up to fail by NBC when they gave her this deal. This means that after a few months, she will likely be banished to MSNCB, which is a distant third behind Fox and CNN in the cable news world.

In making this move, Kelly might have just ruined her own career. She really never should have left Fox!