Megyn Kelly Starts Running Her Mouth… Until Eric Bolling Silences Her!


Megyn Kelly and her sharp tongue are at it again. This time she just couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap at her election-night co-host, Eric Bolling, while he took a few seconds to mention some of his correct predictions, including Trump’s victory.

During the Fox News panel’s discussion, Bolling made the following statement about himself, “Very quickly: Brexit, the Cubs, Donald Trump, all underdogs, no one saw it coming. I called all three of those.”

Then, after a few seconds of back-and-forth with fellow co-host Greg Gutfeld, Megyn Kelly couldn’t resist, and so snapped to Bolling, “It’s not about you.”

Bolling then quickly and politely replied to her, “It is not about me, you’re 100% right.” He then added about Trump, “However, it’s about the country, the country has spoken and I do push back on the insider versus the outsider. [Trump’s] the outsider and that’s what they are ready for.”

When one watches the clip of the episode, below, it’s hard to see why Kelly felt the need to be negative at that point. Eric was simply pointing out some facts, and not doing anything deserving of nastiness. Of course, since Kelly had been, for many months, speaking negatively about Trump, maybe her hostility was due to the obvious fact that she had been very, very wrong, and so was feeling her status in the group being threatened. Who knows. That’s just speculation, but what’s not speculation is that she is just very harsh, even when there is no good reason for her to be.