Megyn Kelly Smears Sean Hannity for Supporting Trump… HE RESPONDS


Fox News host Megyn Kelly is making the media rounds to promote her new book “Settle For More.” During an interview on Sunday, she appeared to smear her fellow Fox hosts who support Trump — more specifically, she appeared to attack Sean Hannity.

Kelly said that some of her colleagues were “just acting” when they asked Trump tough questions on the campaign trail.

Mediaite reported:

Kurtz recounts from her book the charge that there were pro-Donald Trump TV hosts who “would arrange with Trump in advance to ask him certain critical questions or do certain hits on him so they would appear to have some credibility.”

He asked if she means they were “play-acting.” Kelly responded, “Yes. It was acting.”

She confirmed it happened at more than one network, but could not divulge any more information. “But trust me,” she added, ‘this did happen, and it’s been confirmed to me by more than one television executive.”

Of course, Kelly is ignoring the fact that that mainstream media rarely asked Hillary Clinton tough questions during her bid for presidency.

It seems obvious that Kelly was referring to Hannity, who has been a vocal Trump supporter from the beginning. And Hannity didn’t take to the attack well; he responded via Twitter almost immediately:

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Not surprisingly, Kelly hasn’t responded…

Since Kelly started being hyper-critical of Trump and his supporters, many Fox News viewers have called for her to be fired from the network. What are your thoughts?? Sound off in the comments section below!