Megyn Kelly Learns Her Fate At NBC


Megyn Kelly got some bad news about her cushy new position at NBC. Things seem to be falling apart at the seams for Megyn at every turn.

Now that Megyn lost support from Fox viewers for her unfair accusations towards Donald Trump, it seems she’s in jeopardy of losing some friends at NBC as well.


In order to support the host’s demanding salary requirements NBC has announced they are cutting an hour of the popular Today Show, just so they can afford her. The Daily Mail reports that NBC is making the cut because the $12 million deal they’ve made with Kelly has them “desperate to get a return on her.”

So now Megyn will have her own new show starting at 10am, but at what cost? The work environment is starting out to be a bit hostile. NBC has cancelled Tameron Hall and Al Roker’s 9am show, and Hall left the network due to the change. The Daily Mail claims that Al Roker is furious that his coworker left.

A network source said, “Al’s upset because it’s his friend [who left the network], but he’s also upset because he lost the show. And this is the second time the network has done this to him.” Many are speculating that Megyn’s arrival will not be well-received by the beloved NBC hosts.

The Daily Mail source also claimed NBC was committed to making Megyn a star of the brand, saying “Megyn was a very expensive purchase and they need to get their money back. So they are going to do everything in their power to make her the network star.”

Well Megyn knows a lot about doing anything in her power to get famous! Perhaps she should worry more about her coworkers and less about her $12 million deal.