POST-DEBATE: Megyn Kelly Gets DESTROYED On Her Own Show After Calling Trump Sexist


Immediately after the second presidential debate, Fox New’s Megyn Kelly started railing against Donald Trump, harping on the recently leaked video showing Trump making sexist comments.

After reviewing the nasty Trump videotape, she turned to conservative columnist, Laura Ingraham and said,

It’s not about what Trump said one time 11 years ago, it’s a pattern. It’s a pattern of disparaging remarks about women, rating women by their looks, talking about how they can’t be a ’10’ if they are flat-chested and so on, talking about coming on to women, grabbing them by their genitals against their consent, sexual assault, making light of it, how, when you’re a star and powerful you can do anything you want, those are things that people said, this is a man who doesn’t respect half of the people in the country. So, Laura, defend that. As one of his staunchest defenders, and a woman, defend that.”

Ingraham just smiled at Kelly and replied,

Well, the issues I care about are the ones Trump brought forward. Enforcing the border, building back the economy, and doing trade deals that actually make sense for the American worker. So I’m about THOSE issues. He happens to be the only Republican who addressed those issues in a way that connected with the voters, Megyn. But I’ll tell you this. For every instance that you point to, of Trumps ‘lack of respect for women’, we actually have a former president who was impeached and them protected by his wife. And of course, Hillary Clinton goes after all these women who were highlighted earlier in the show today. So this is a question for people to tackle.


When the cameras came back to Kelly, she was speechless. After an awkward pause, Kelly said, “…and, I’ll be right back” (cutting to commercial break.)

Megyn Kelly has morphed into the predictable liberal at Fox News. For the rest of her show, Kelly talked about the eleven year-old tape, and whether Trump could or should be President of the United States.

Thank God for smart conservative women like Laura Ingraham. Maybe once Megyn Kelly’s Fox News contract expires, Kelly can move over to MSNBC, and let Laura Ingraham get the coveted 9 PM spot on FNC.

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